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AGROGREAT GROUP is one of the most professional agrochemical manufacturers in China. And the products mainly include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulator. Besides, we are holding four production bases, two technical factories and two formulation factories, all of which are national pesticide designated production factories and certified with ISO9001-2008 and ISO14000-2004.

Now we can produce about 12 technicals and can process about 39 finished products, including the formulation type SL, EC, SC, FS, WP, WDG, CS and so on. Every year, we produce 400 metric tons technical Difenoconazole, 300 metric tons technical Flutriafol, 400 metric tons technical Azoxystrobin, 1200 metric tons technical Imidacloprid, 1800 metric tons technical Haloxyfop-R-methyl. Additionally, we have been establishing long-term business relationship with many international companies for the past 10 years.

Agrogreat is a young and sunny team. And we are always dedicated to growing up together with our partners through close cooperation. Still, we always think for our clients and friends and support them to grow bigger and bigger. Futher, Agrogreat always takes the quality as our lift, not only giving our clients more competitive price, but also supplying them the best service, from raw material to finished products, always assuring the best for our clients.

Agrogreat always pays great attention on registration support for our clients. And until now, we have been supporting more than 40 global agrochemical companies to get more than 120 products registered in their local market. Meanwhile, we will give our oversea clients registration service with all our endeavors.

Agrogreat has been exporting agrochemicals for more than 40 countries, such as, England, Australia, Turkey, Africa, South America and so on. And we have already got a very professional systematic supply chain with many qualified suppliers, which will definitely meet the high requirements from our clients for all kinds of agrochemical products.

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Agrogreat has been exporting agrochemicals for more than 40 countries.
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