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India to check illegal imports of pesticides

The committee of Central Insecticides Board of India (CIB) has recently deliberated the issue of illegal imports of pesticides, which was raised from time to time, and decided to adopt following measures with immediate effect to check illegal imports.

(i) A copy of the Certificate of Registration, issued by and, duly authenticated by the registration authority of the country in which the source of import is located (like, ICAMA in China for source of import located in China) may be submitted along with the letter of consent while making the application.

(ii) A condition may be stipulated in the Certificate of registration that every consignment of the product shall be accompanied with the invoice, showing particulars of the pesticide product, total quantity, pack size, etc., issued by the approved source of import (not by the supplier). If a consignment is not accompanied by this document, the same shall be termed as illegally imported consignment.

The Committee further decided that the condition of issuance of invoice by the approved source of import shall also be applicable for imports by the existing registrants.

A communication in this regard may be got issued from the Ministry of Agriculture to Member (Customs), Ministry of Finance for implementation by Customs officers at ports.


Quality Control
1.Each batch of raw materials
2.Sealed sample should be
3.Each package style
4.On-spot inspection of goods

Registration Support
1.Each batch of raw materials
2.Sealed sample should be
3.Each package style and
4.On-spot inspection of good
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