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Brazil Anvisa approves fungicide flutolanil

The Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency, Anvisa has agree to approve the fungicide, flutolanil, to be included in the Roster of Monographs of Active Ingredients of Agrochemicals, Household Cleaning Products and Wood Preservers, for using on furrow planting potatoes, according to a public consultation notice issued by Anvisa on November 16th. The Anvisa noted that it is only responsible for general management of toxicology in active ingredient approval issue, the full registration of flutolanil still needs further authorizations from other agencies.

Flutolanil is a new carboxanilide fungicide. Its mode of action is to inhibit mitochondrial respiration through interference with succinate metabolism. Flutolanil was developed by the Japanese company Nihon Nohyaku in 1985 and marketed with the brand name Moncut in Japan. Flutolanil formulations are currently registered for use in many countries for control of fungus diseases of potatoes (including in Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Finland, UAE, Mexico, Israel, Peru, Uruguay) and for use in rice, wheat, barley, peanuts, many vegetable crops and turf.


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