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China¡¯s pesticide output surpasses 3 mn tonnes in eleven months of 2012

China’s pesticide production increased by 19.7% to some 3,204,000 tonnes in the first eleven months of 2012 which ended November 30th, representing the consecutive double digit growth, according to the data from National Bureau of Statistics of China.

Herbicides, the largest category, were considered as the main growth driver, with production increased by 42.3% to 1,485,000 tonnes, accounting for 46.3% of total production. The growth of herbicide output is driven by higher demand for commodity herbicides such as glyphosate, 2,4-D. Insecticide production fell by 9.8% to 734,000 tonnes, making up 22.9% of total production, while fungicide production dropped 7.8% to 130,000 tonnes, accounting for only 4.1% of total production.

Among them, Jiangsu province remained China’s leading region in terms of manufacturing volume, with 966,076 tonnes (+13.4%), accounting for almost one third of national production during the period. Month-to-month, Shandong province saw the largest growth in output, up 66.5% to 745,425 tonnes in the first eleven months.


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