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China to promulgate new Pesticide Management Regulation C Correction

In the China Pesticide High-Level Forum, Director of the Chinese Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals of Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA), Sui Pengfei said, new Pesticide Management Regulation will come out soon before this December.

New Regulation has the following adjustments compared with existing Regulation.

For registration: Pesticide registration application will no longer be restricted to pesticide companies, any corporate enterprise can apply for the registration of new pesticide; allowing registration data transfer and data sharing; registration fraud is forbidden. The manufacturer, which is discovered for registration fraud, can’t apply for the registration of new products in five years.

For production and consigned processing: Approval of the consigned processing will be liberalized for promoting sharing of the productive resources of industry.

For distribution: Pesticide business license is required in the business activities, which will eliminate the country's 350,000 distributors; besides, new Regulation will establish product traceable mechanism, and implement the pesticide recall system.

In recent years, with the rapid development, China's pesticide industry exposes many problems, including excessive pesticide use, illegal additive, residues issues, illegal distribution, fake pesticides as well as patent infringement, "Forthcoming Pesticide Management Regulations is expected to solve these problems.” Sui Pengfei said. Sui also invited the discussion of possibility of pesticide registration certificate being transferred like a stock.


Quality Control
1.Each batch of raw materials
2.Sealed sample should be
3.Each package style
4.On-spot inspection of goods

Registration Support
1.Each batch of raw materials
2.Sealed sample should be
3.Each package style and
4.On-spot inspection of good
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