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Product Name





42%TK, 20%SL

Chemical Name

1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium dichloride



Empirical Formula


Chemical Formula of Active Ingredient


Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats 157-129, guinea pigs 30-58 mg/kg. 

Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats 911 mg paraquat ion/kg. Irritating to skin and eyes (rabbits). Absorption through intact human skin is minimal; exposures can cause irritation and a delay in the healing of cuts and wounds; can cause temporary damage to nails. Not a skin sensitiser (guinea pigs).

Inhalation No vapour toxicity. Extreme exposure to spray droplets may cause nose bleeding. 

NOEL (1 y) for dogs 0.65 mg/kg b.w. daily; (2 y) for rats 1.7 mg/kg b.w. daily.

Toxicity class WHO (a.i.) II.


Mode of action Non-selective contact herbicide, absorbed by the foliage, with some translocation in the xylem.  Uses Broad-spectrum control of broad-leaved weeds and grasses in fruit orchards (including citrus), plantation crops (bananas, coffee, cocoa palms, coconut palms, oil palms, rubber, etc.), vines, olives, tea, alfalfa, onions, leeks, sugar beet, asparagus, ornamental trees and shrubs, in forestry, etc. Also used for general weed control on non-crop land; as a defoliant for cotton and hops; for destruction of potato haulms; as a desiccant for pineapples, sugar cane, soya beans, and sunflowers; for strawberry runner control; in pasture renovation; and for control of aquatic weeds. For control of annual weeds, applied at 0.4-1.0 kg/ha.


200L/Drum, 200/Drum, 5L/Bottle, 1L/Bottle, etc


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