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95%Tech, 80%WDG, 200 g/l SC

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Chemical Formula of Active Ingredient


Oral Acute oral LD50 for rats 97, mice 95 mg/kg. 

Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats >2000, rabbits 354 mg/kg. Not a skin or eye irritant (OECD criteria). Not a skin sensitiser. 

Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for rats 0.682 mg/l (tech.; nose only exposure). 

NOEL (2 y) for rats 0.5 mg/kg diet; (18 mo) for mice 0.5 mg/kg diet; (52 w) for dogs 0.2 mg/kg b.w. daily (combined sexes). 

ADI (JMPR) 0.0002 mg/kg b.w. [2000]; group ADI for fipronil and fipronil desulfinyl. 

Other Non-mutagenic, non-teratogenic; no adverse effect on reproductive performance. Clinical signs of toxicity consistent with the interaction of the molecule at a neurotransmitter receptor were observed in all species tested, but were completely reversible. 

Toxicity class WHO (a.i.) II


Mode of action Broad-spectrum insecticide, toxic by contact and ingestion. Moderately systemic and, in some crops, can be used to control insects when applied as a soil or seed treatment. Good to excellent residual control following foliar application.  Uses Control of multiple species of thrips on a broad range of crops by foliar, soil or seed treatment. Control of corn rootworm, wireworms and termites by soil treatment in maize. Control of boll weevil and plant bugs on cotton, diamond-back moth on crucifers, Colorado potato beetle on potatoes by foliar application. Control of stem borers, leaf miners, planthoppers, leaf folder/rollers and weevils in rice. Foliar application rates range from 10-80 g/ha; soil treatment rates 100-200 g/ha.


25KG/Drum,5L/Drum, etc


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