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Product Name



Plant Growth Regulator


95%Tech, 250 g/l SC, 15%WP

Chemical Name

(1a,2b,4aa,4bb,10b)-2,4a,7-trihydroxy-1-methyl-8-methylenegibb-3-ene-1,10-dicarboxylic acid 1,4a-lactone



Empirical Formula


Chemical Formula of Active Ingredient


Oral Acute oral LD50 for male rats 2000, female rats 1300, male mice 490, female mice 1200, guinea pigs 400-600, male rabbits 840, female rabbits 940 mg/kg. 

Skin and eye Acute percutaneous LD50 for rats and rabbits >1000 mg/kg. Mild skin irritant; moderate eye irritant (rabbits). Not a skin sensitiser (guinea pigs). 

Inhalation LC50 (4 h) for male rats 4.79, female rats 3.13 mg/l air. 

NOEL (1 y) for dogs 75 mg/kg daily; (2 y) for rats 250 mg/kg diet. 

ADI (JMPR) 0.1 mg/kg b.w. [1988]. 

Other Not mutagenic. 

Toxicity class WHO (a.i.) III


Mode of action Plant growth regulator taken up into the xylem through the leaves, stems, or roots, and translocated to growing sub-apical meristems. Produces more compact plants and enhances flowering and fruiting.  Uses Used on fruit trees to inhibit vegetative growth and to improve fruit set; on pot-grown ornamentals and flower crops (e.g. chrysanthemums, begonias, freesias, poinsettias and bulbs) to inhibit growth; on rice to increase tillering, reduce lodging, and increase yield; on turf to retard growth; and on grass seed crops to reduce height and prevent lodging. To be applied as a foliar spray, as a soil drench, or by trunk injection. Has some fungicidal activity against mildew and rusts. Phytotoxicity Non-phytotoxic, though it intensifies greening. Some spotting has been noted on periwinkle foliage at higher temperatures.


5L/Drum, 10KG/Carton, etc


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